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Inquiry: regions


File with the list of regions is always available at: It contains two types of data, a list of countries and regions (the type of value is controlled 3rd field), the regions with the same numbers can be repeated, the first value is always that we use in our system, all others are variations of the name of the region that have come from tour-operators and were joined. In addition, filtered list is generated with utf-8 encoding it includes regions that have occurred in the data up to 7 days back. Relationship between country and its regions can be downloaded from the address


Field name typecontains
obj_xAttributesNotInbitmaskObject's attributes / flag offer
obj_xAttributesbitmaskObject's attributes / flag offer
ofr_candybitmaskCandy (bonus)
obj_bookBedsboolIf reservation on individual beds is possible
totalPriceboolreturns the total price for the asked product
useMerlinMarginboolreturns price with agency margin
obj_xRoomDesccharRoom description processed by MerlinX
ofr_xStatuscharoffer availability
obj_codecharhotel code
obj_typecharObject type (hotel/round trip/cruise /...)
trp_rDesCodechardestination code of the return trip
ofr_typecharType of offer
ofr_tourOpchartouroperator code
ofr_xCatalogcharcatalogs unified by MerlinX
obj_roomcharRoom code/ accommodation
trp_rDepCodechardeparture code of the return place
ofr_catalogcharCatalog code
trp_retDatedatepossible late date of the return trip
trp_depDatedateDate of departure / departure / start of trip
wtr_trintsearch by forecast terrace activities score (1-10)
maxPriceintmaximum price for an adult
obj_xRoomDescCountintMinimum number of required Room description that match the offer
trp_destinationintRegion of the trip/event
par_infintnumber of infants
par_adtintnumber of adults
obj_xCodeintID assigned to the hotel by MerlinX
wtr_wtintsearch by forecast water sports activities score (1-10)
trp_durationMintnumber of days
obj_xAttributesCountintMinimum number of required attributes that match the offer
trp_skiDestinationintDestination regions for ski.
wtr_bintsearch by forecast beach activities score (1-10)
trp_durationintnumber of days
minPriceintminimum price per adult
obj_xDistBeachintDistance from beach
par_chdintNumber of children
obj_categoryintCategory of the object multiplied by 10
obj_xServiceIdintID meal/service assigned by MerlinX
wtr_pcintsearch by forecast precipitation chance (%)
obj_zScoreCntintsearch based of amount of Zoover opinions
obj_xDistSkiintDistance from ski lift
obj_zScoreintsearch based of Zoover rating
geo_xCircleintSearch in max radius='dstance' (in kilometers) from lat,long
geo_xPolygonintSearch in polygon described by at least 3 pairs of lat,long
wtr_tintsearch by forecast temperature ( in degrees Celsius )
wtr_wkintsearch by forecast walking activities score (1-10)
wtr_pintsearch by forecast precipitation (mm)
wtr_sdintsearch by sun hours duration
wtr_uvintsearch by UV index
wtr_cintsearch by forecast camping activities score (1-10)
wtr_biintsearch by forecast biking activities score (1-10)
wtr_tnintsearch by forecast tennis score (1-10)
par_chdAgetextage of children or children bitrh dates
obj_xCityFtstextString allows searching offers by town name
obj_codeNameFtstextEnabling search of offers based by string name of the hotel
obj_nametextThe name of the object (the hotel / cruise / circuit / package)
trp_depNametextplace of departure / start
includeFromRulestextrule name
obj_xNametextObject's name that is assigned by MerlinX (original or revised)
excludeFromRulestextrule name
external_search_idtextexternal search id
obj_xCityIdtextThe city in which the object is assigned by MerlinX (original or revised)
<?xml version='1.0'?>


Field name typecontains
reg_idcharregion ID {country}_{region}
reg_priceintlowest offer for the region
trp_destinationintRegion of the trip/event
  <reg id="38_57" price="1349"/>
  <reg id="11_154" price="1494"/>
  <reg id="11_203" price="1739"/>
  <reg id="11_2323" price="1849"/>
  <reg id="6_17" price="2319"/>
  <reg id="15_50" price="3110"/>
  <reg id="243_2541" price="3539"/>
  <reg id="36_4105" price="3880"/>
  <reg id="19_4191" price="3899"/>
  <reg id="19_116" price="3949"/>
  <reg id="36_4104" price="4289"/>
  <reg id="49_2503" price="6380"/>
  <reg id="49_1316" price="6880"/>
  <reg id="413_20" price="6989"/>
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