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General information

Reqest check_external_flight_wait, searches flight data in external services.Reqest is waiting for offers, and returns status of search.( Reqest is not returnig offers )



Field nametypelenght containing
trp_depCodechar3Code of departure location/airport ( IATA Code )
trp_desCodechar3Code of destination location/airport ( IATA Code )
trp_depDatedateDate of departure / departure / start of trip
par_chdintNumber of children
ofr_typechar2Type of offer
par_chdAgetextage of children or children bitrh dates
trp_flexiblebool1departure tolerance +/- 1 day
trp_flightClasstextflight class
par_adtintnumber of adults
trp_durationMintnumber of days
par_infintnumber of infants
trp_stopoverbool1stopovers YES or NO
ofr_tourOpchar4touroperator code

Required fields:ofr_type, ofr_tourOp, trp_depCode, trp_desCode, trp_depDate if ofr_type = “NF” then also trp_durationM

<?xml version="1.0"?>



Field nametypelenght containing
search_idtextReqest id
msgtextReqest information
statustextanwser status
<?xml version='1.0'?>
  <msg>External request executed, You can search now</msg>
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