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Access to descriptions of the regions

login : same as WEBSERVICE
password: same as WEBSERVICE,Hurghada&lang=pl&imageWidth=400&imageHeight=300&filter=crop&login=LOGIN&password=HASLO

query Parameters:

qCountry name and (optionally) the name of the region after the decimal point
langlanguage in which you need the description to be returned
imageWidthwidth you need the images to be returned
imageHeightheight you need the images to be returned
filtergraphics filter to be used when resizing images.
The possible values ​​are:
crop - fit to fill a specified area without changing the proportions
fit - adjust the image to max size vertically and horizontally without changing the proportions

In response, we get the structure of XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="OK">
      <name>Section Name</name>
      <description>DESCRIPTION in format HTML</description>
        <image url="URL image"/>
        <image url="URL image">OPTIONAL IMAGE DESCRIPTION</image>

Possible status responses:

OKfound requested item
MOREfound more than one match
EMPTYfound requested item, but it is empty in the selected language
NOTFOUNDThere are no matching
TOPfound only item on a higher level (eg the query “Italy, Rome,” and found only “Italy”)
AUTHinvalid username / password
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