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General information

Request “airportSearchByCoords” - search airports in a given radius from a selected point coordinates.



Element nameAttributeDescription
type-request type
lat-latitude of searching point
lng-longitude of searching point
radius-search radius in kilometers (optional, if not given - default value = 50km)
<?xml version="1.0"?>



Element nameAttributeDescription
itemIATAcodeIATA code of found airport
itemairportCityfound city name
itemairportNameself name of found airport
itemdistancedistance from found city to airport
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <item IATAcode="WRO" IATAgroup="" airportCity="Wroclaw" countryName="Poland" countryISO="PL" airportName="Strachowice" lat="51.100000" lng="16.883300" distance="10" airportCityId="336"/>
  <item IATAcode="IEG" IATAgroup="" airportCity="Zielona Gora" countryName="Poland" countryISO="PL" airportName="Babimost" lat="52.138600" lng="15.798600" distance="143" airportCityId="6803"/>
  <item IATAcode="POZ" IATAgroup="" airportCity="Poznań" countryName="Poland" countryISO="PL" airportName="Ławica" lat="52.421000" lng="16.826300" distance="147" airportCityId="409"/>
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