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General information

Request “citySearchByCoords” - search cities with hotels in a given radius from a selected point coordinates.



Element nameAttributeDescription
type-request type
lat-latitude of searching point
lng-longitude of searching point
radius-search radius in kilometers (optional, if not given - default value = 50km)
<?xml version="1.0"?>



Element nameAttributeDescription
itemcityNamefound city name
itemcityIdfound city ID in database
itemlatlatitude of found city
itemlnglongitude of found city
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <item cityName="Wroclaw (Lower Silesian), Poland" cityId="336" lat="51.110400" lng="17.030900" distance="0"/>
  <item cityName="Sobotka, Poland" cityId="7072" lat="50.900000" lng="16.750000" distance="31"/>
  <item cityName="Zarow, Poland" cityId="7019" lat="50.940700" lng="16.494900" distance="42"/>
  <item cityName="Brzeg, Poland" cityId="7115" lat="50.850000" lng="17.466700" distance="42"/>
  <item cityName="Namyslow, Poland" cityId="7162" lat="51.083300" lng="17.716700" distance="48"/>
  <item cityName="Swidnica, Poland" cityId="7275" lat="50.842300" lng="16.488200" distance="48"/>
  <item cityName="Sulislaw (Opole), Poland" cityId="39414" lat="50.700000" lng="17.316700" distance="50"/>
  <item cityName="Grodkow, Poland" cityId="6945" lat="50.692500" lng="17.304700" distance="50"/>
  <item cityName="Sycow, Poland" cityId="7296" lat="51.300000" lng="17.716700" distance="52"/>
  <item cityName="Godkowo (Warmian-Masurian), Poland" cityId="27246" lat="50.695400" lng="17.384800" distance="52"/>
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