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General information

Request “transferSearchByName” - search for transfer by name.



Element nameAttributeDescription
type-request type
name-Transfer point name
tourOp-Tourop codes list (optional)
transferType-Type of search, possible values:
T - Transfer
A - Car rental
transferWays-Type of transfer, possible values:
ow - One Way
rt - Return
transferSearchId-ID of transfer starting point, when searching for transfer destination.
When searching for departure use value: “0”
<?xml version="1.0"?>



Element nameAttributeDescription
itemidTransfer point ID, used in transfers search, and search for destination point matching departure point
itemcityNameCity name.
itemplaceNamePlace name.
itemplaceDescPlace type description (airport, city etc.)
itemplaceCodePlace code. List:
AIR - Airport
CIT - City
PRT - Port
STN - Train Station
BUS - Bus Station
MTR - Subway
itemtourOpTypeType of offers available.
T - Transfer
A - Car rental
TA - Both types available
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <item id="118832" cityName="San Francisco" placeName="*San Francisco Port*" placeDesc="harbor" placeCode="PRT" lat="37.795600" lng="-122.393000" tourOpType="T"/>
  <item id="119050" cityName="San Francisco" placeName="*San Francisco*" placeDesc="city" placeCode="CIT" lat="37.774900" lng="-122.419000" tourOpType="T"/>
  <item id="124692" cityName="San Francisco" placeName="Berkeley CA" placeDesc="city" placeCode="CIT" lat="37.871600" lng="-122.273000" tourOpType="T"/>
  <item id="144212" cityName="San Francisco" placeName="San Mateo" placeDesc="city" placeCode="CIT" lat="37.563000" lng="-122.326000" tourOpType="T"/>
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