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General information

Return progress of the download of offer for queries check_external:

check_external_flight_waitSearch for flight data and wait for it
check_external_flight_nowaitSearch for flight data
check_external_hotel_waitSearch for hotel data and wait for it
check_external_hotel_nowaitSearch for hotel data

[WebService address]/backgroundstatuscheckV1/

Example Reqest:

  1. id - search_id from check external
  2. lp - last result from progress of backgroundstatuscheck

Reqest return anwser in JSON

details - information about tasks:

  1. provider code
  2. t - internal usage
  3. d - internal usage
  4. f - internal usage
progress - progress in "%"
  1. WORKING - download in progress
  2. DONE - download done
  3. NOT FOUND - search_id not found
error - information from provider
  1. provider code
  2. message - message from provider
Example Anwser:

({“details”:{“XGDS”:{“t”:1,“d”:1,“f”:1},“XLOW”:{“t”:1,“d”:1,“f”:1},“XLOW”:{“t”:1,“d”:1,“f”:1}},“progress”:“100.00”,“status”:“DONE”,“error”:{“XTVF”:{“D”:[“Germanwings (LHR-BCN)- No outward results found\nMonarch Airlines (LGW-BCN) - offers cnt: 1”]}}})

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