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Checking availability (simplified)

Action “checkavail” is a simple version of action “check”, in order to obtain the availability of a specific list of times/hotels, where can be check multiple offers in a row.

Example of query:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
ofr_id yes -
par_adt yes number of adults for which the availability is checked
par_chd no number of children for which the availability is asked
par_inf no number of infants for which the availability is asked
birthdates yes list of birthdates of participants
adta no birthdate assigned to an adult
chda no birthdate assigned to a child
infa no birthdate assigned to an infant
expedient_code no Agent (expedient) code
x_htl yes - for type offers of 7+7 Cod ofr second part of stay in case of 7+7 offers.
[extra id hotelu]_[kod hotelu]

In case of birthdates the format is: YYYYMMDD.

For the entire section birthdates each field contained herein is optional - if not stated, the dates of birth of the participants accepted will be the default values:

  • adult: 30 years
  • child: 3 years
  • infant: 1 year

An example of answer in the case of the available offers:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <info hint="A : BOJTRAN_14 / Transfer: airport-hotel-airport">Transfer</info>
    <info hint="A : BOJ_DP_LOT / mandatory airport charges                            400.00">mandatory airport charges </info>
    <info hint="A : BOJ_DP_TRA / mandatory transport charges                          200.00">mandatory transport charges </info>
    <info hint="A : KUBS / Insurance included in price                                -32.00">Insuraance included in price</info>
    <info hint="A : UBSKLNW / Insurance Itaka Simple                                   32.00">Insurance Itaka Simple</info>
  <result_message msgCode="712"/>
  <pricetotal price="915" curr="EUR"/>
    <person id="0" gender="H" date="131280" price="313"/>
    <person id="1" gender="H" date="131280" price="313"/>
    <person id="2" gender="K" date="231205" price="229"/>
    <person id="3" gender="I" date="231209" price="60"/>

An example answer in case that offer is not available:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <result_message msgCode="927"/>
  <booking_info>Expired offer</booking_info>

Example of response in case of error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <error>Offer not found</error>
merlin_offer_info-Information contained in the price of services
info-Information about services included in offer
infoaddedcostIf the value is given or equal to “1”, this service has an additional fee
infohintInformation about the service from the organizer
merlin_offer_status-Status of offer in Merlin (see list of statuses below)
result_messagemsgCodeActual code.
List of possible codes on our site:
pricetotalpriceTotal price of excursions
persons-The list of participants along with the prices (if available) returned from a tour operator 1)
person-Participants to trip
personidorder number of participants to trip
persongenderTour participant gender code (returned by the organizer)
persondatebirthdate of participants to tour (Format: DDMMYY)
personpricePrice for the tour participant (in same currency as the total price)
error-Message for critical errors

Table of possible statuses in Merlin:

OKoffer available
XXoffer not available
ERerror received at availability checking
RQoffer “on request”
TOTimeout, or other problem with the connection (only version 2.1)
In the event of this status information, if available, will be returned in the error .
?Unknown error
All information in this section are returned directly from the organizer
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