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General information

Request AHI returns Hotel contact information



Field nametypelenghtcontaining
ofr_idcharup to 1 KBoffer identifier. ** IMPORTANT: ** Do not assume that there will always be a hexadecimal string
ofr_tourOpchar4touroperator code
par_adtAgetextage of adult person
par_adtintnumber of adults
par_chdAgetextage of children or children bitrh dates
par_chdintNumber of children
room_hashcharHotel room id

Required fields:ofr_tourOp, ofr_id, room_hash, par_adt

<?xml version='1.0'?>
         <ofr_id>bcd5c1dc4ba52c8f0b85f0a983acc8437d6f1376c8484d057dfcf42f361fbb70 </ofr_id>



      <msg>CIRCUNVALACION DE PARLA A PINTO, KM: 0,15</msg>
      <msg>PARLA 28980</msg>
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