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Inquiry: filters


Inquiry type filters returns a list of possible field values ​​for any requests kryteria wyszukiwania.

Selecting one field

You can limit the list of results for one field by specifying its value in the condition filters

Field nametypecontains
obj_categoryintCategory of the object multiplied by 10
obj_citytextThe city in which the object is located
obj_luggagecharMain baggage is included or not
obj_roomcharRoom code/ accommodation
obj_typecharObject type (hotel/round trip/cruise /...)
obj_xAttributesbitmaskObject's attributes / flag offer
obj_xCitytextThe city in which the object is assigned by MerlinX (original or revised)
obj_xCodeintID assigned to the hotel by MerlinX
obj_xServiceIdintID meal/service assigned by MerlinX
ofr_catalogcharCatalog code
ofr_refundablecharOffer have some flex rules or not
ofr_residentcharResident is available or not
ofr_tourOpchartouroperator code
ofr_transferTypecharTransfer included or not
ofr_typecharType of offer
ofr_xCatalogcharcatalogs unified by MerlinX
trp_depCodecharCode of departure location/airport ( IATA Code )
trp_depDatedateDate of departure / departure / start of trip
trp_depNametextplace of departure / start
trp_depNametextplace of departure / start
trp_destinationintRegion of the trip/event
trp_durationintnumber of days
trp_flightChangeCountintNumber of stops for ongoing flight
rFlightChangeCountintNumber of stops for return flight




Sample request for flowing filters: a trip for 2 adults, ITAKA operator, tour start date between 20.10.2010 and 24.11.2010, the name of the hotel must contain the text “Resort”:

<?xml version='1.0'?>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
	<fdef id="trp_depDate">
		<f id="20101020"/>
		<f id="20101021"/>
		<f id="20101024"/>
	<fdef id="trp_depDesc">
		<f id="Warszawa"/>
		<f id="Wrocław"/>
	<fdef id="ofr_catalog">
		<f id="KL10"/>
		<f id="KN10"/>
		<f id="L291"/>
	<fdef id="obj_xCode" v="obj_xName">
		<f id="4830" v="Coral Hills Resort"/>
		<f id="4831" v="Dive Inn Resort"/>
		<f id="1455" v="Grand Plaza Resort"/>
		<f id="1050" v="Le Sultan Resort&amp;Spa"/>
		<f id="3568" v="Rehana Sharm Resort"/>
		<f id="4023" v="Resta Reef Resort"/>
		<f id="17373" v="Sharm Bride Resort"/>
	<fdef id="obj_xCity">
		<f id="Hammamet"/>
		<f id="Marsa Alam"/>
		<f id="Ras Um El Sid"/>
		<f id="Sharm El Sheikh"/>
	<fdef id="obj_roomCode" v="obj_roomDesc">
		<f id="DSV" v="pok. dwuosobowy,widok na morze"/>
		<f id="DBL" v="pokoj dwuosobowy"/>
	<fdef id="obj_serviceId">
		<f id="1"/>
		<f id="2"/>
	<fdef id="ofr_tourOp">
		<f id="ITAK"/>
	<fdef id="trp_duration">
		<f id="7"/>
		<f id="14"/>
	<fdef id="obj_category">
		<f id="40"/>
		<f id="45"/>
		<f id="50"/>
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