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Autosuggest Service V2

General information

Following actions are used to to find in the database hints (cities, airports), that match the specified string.

[WebService address]/autosuggestV2/

Example addres:

List of possible action types

Action (link to detailed description)DescriptionChanges from AutosuggestV1
citySearchByNameSearch the city by specified name or its partDifferent response format.
citySearchByCoordsSearch cities with hotels in a given radius from a selected point coordinates
airportSearchByCoordsSearch airports in a given radius from a selected point coordinatesNot available in V1.
airportSearchByIataSearch airports by IATA code or its part
airportSearchByNameSearch airports by airport or city name or its part
transferSearchCountrySearch countries for transfer offers
transferSearchByNameSearch transfer destinations by name
transferSearchAirportSearch pickup airports by IATA

Additional (optional) parameters

Parameter(link to detailed description)Description
languageSelection of response language
maxLinesNumber of response records
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